Mr. Richards believes strongly that carrying a firearm for protection is an intrinsic right guaranteed by the Constitution. The state of California restricts and limits this Constitutional right through a permitting scheme overseen by the respective sheriffs of California’s 58 counties. Unfortunately, current law gives broad discretion to county sheriffs to determine who will receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW). This had led to widespread abuse of discretion resulting in countless unjust denials. Mr. Richards represents CCW applicants who have been denied in counties in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Before applying for a CCW in California, all applicants with any criminal background should obtain a copy of their Department of Justice Rap Sheet. This will allow the applicant to see what the sheriff will review when evaluating the person’s background and moral character. The first link below provides information about the rap sheet request process and the second link contains a search function to find a livescan provider.

If your application for a CCW was denied and you wish to appeal the decision with assistance of counsel, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible; most agencies provide only a 30 day window in which to prepare and submit the petition and all supporting documents.