Law Office of Adam J. Richards

If you are accused of a criminal offense, you need an attorney who can navigate California’s complex network of statutes and regulations. You want someone who is willing to hear your story and not only vigorously defend the charges you are facing but also present to the court and the prosecutor mitigating evidence surrounding the allegations. An experienced attorney like Adam Richards may obtain decisive results for you even in circumstances where you believe you have no defense.This office also represents professionals in vocational and professional license disciplinary proceedings. Allegations of misconduct against your professional license can have catastrophic consequences to your employment and ability to practice in your field. It is important that you contact an attorney before responding to inquiries by the Board in order to protect yourself and preserve your ability to adequately defend against allegations. Mr. Richards has extensive experience representing licensees under investigation or facing formal disciplinary charges by their respective licensing boards. He will provide exceptional representation at all stages of disciplinary proceedings.